Julien Rose de Medeiros has a major in Education and has studied Cinema at Universidade Potiguar in Brazil and Universidad Europea de Madrid. She also holds a diploma on Film Editing from Instituto del Cine de Madrid and has recently completed a course of Professional Photography and is about to start her Master Degree in Photography in Madrid. Julien Rose has attended several workshops on Cinema and Photography in both Brazil and Spain. In 2013 she worked on the screenplay of the short film “Rojo”, which won a student competition at the Europea Televisión in Madrid. In 2014 she co-wrote the short film “Rastro da Flor”, which won the best short film award in FINC and participated on PKO Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema of Poland in 2015. Recently, three of the short films Julien Rose worked on 2015 (The Next Step, On Two Wheels and From the Sea) were selected on the last edition of FINC, being one of them the winner of the third place on that same festival. These short films were screened in Poland in May of 2016 at the PKO Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema. In addition to that, Julien´s short film “The Next Step” has won a prize for Best Short Film at the Picuí Audiovisual Festival in Brazil, 2016 edition and being selected for the Curta Corema 2016 edition in Paraíba. Julien Rose has also covered the San Sebastian International Film Festival as a Photographer and Reporter for the past years.